Festivals and Trips

Ferris is a proud member of the Educational Theatre Association/International Thespian Society and participates in theatre opportunities supported by this organization. The International Thespian Society is the largest and most prestigious organization to recognize achievement and excellence in High School Theatre.  Students who are inducted Thespians have shown achievement above and beyond in theatre, whether on the stage or behind it.  The Thespians Society provides opportunities for students across the nation to showcase and advance their talent.

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National Thespians Official:


Washington State Thespians:


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Thespians: $30         Non-Thespians $40


The International Thespian Excellence Awards (or Thespys® for short) recognize the highest level of achievement in school theatre performance, technical theatre, writing, and filmmaking.  New categories this year!  Coming soon!

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This  event offers students an exciting opportunity to showcase their work, attend workshops presented by national and regional teaching artists, and network with theatre students from their region. Thespy State Qualifiers will be honored here!

The cost for the weekend trip to Western Washington University coming soon!