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See Me

A collection of student written pieces that aim to voice the struggles of young adults.

Project Hope is a class-based project led by the students of the Intermediate/Advanced Theatre Class. Every year for the past 11 years, using the influence of the theatre arts, the class has brought attention to societal issues that affect not just our local community, but other communities all over the nation - and even the world. In addition, 100% of the money raised is given to a hand-picked charity that is related to the selected topic. 
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Last year, Project Hope aimed to raise awareness for holocaust victims, and donated to local Temples and nonprofit charities to aid refugees and our Jewish community.

This year, out topic is "See Me". It is an ode to students across the school who's struggles and challenges often go unseen in the world--experiences and struggles through song, monologues, and scenes are written entirely by Ferris and Intermediate/Advanced Theatre Students, and represented on the stage.
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